Verso is an online platform for contemporary artists, writers and curators to share their arts practice, knowledge and experiences (relevant to the visual arts) through published pieces of text. Our mission is to compile these records and share them with our community of followers in an accessible, resourceful and engaging format. We aim to represent a diverse range of practices and people. Verso is a curated site, which encourages innovative, experimental and more traditional writing practices and pieces. We aim to publish a ‘significant’ piece of writing each week. 


Christina Peek as drawn by Alex Beckinsale.

Edwina Cooper drawn by Alex Beckinsale. 

 Self portrait by Alex Beckinsale

Self portrait by Alex Beckinsale

Edwina Cooper, Alex Beckinsale and Christina Peek met at Adelaide Central School of Art. All three graduated with honours. Throughout their final year, Alex and Christina would discuss the sort of art writing they enjoyed reading - and how, or if, they would maintain their own newly developed writing skills. An online platform seemed like the perfect solution to this. 

One day, over coffee Christina was discussing the idea of this online platform with Edwina. Excited, Edwina shared her thoughts and opinions on the idea and seemed a natural fit for the team. From there, Verso was born. 

Our individual practices span painting, drawing, sculpture and installation art and a wide variety of subjects. Christina and Alex have exhibited in South Australia and are looking forward to pursuing new opportunities within the arts. Edwina has exhibited nationally within Australia and internationally in France. She won the 'Adelaide Festival of Arts’ Destination Art: Emirates Artist Development Opportunity' grant and participated in a residency at Dos Mares in Marseille, France in 2016.