Where are we drinking ... Week 1 of SALA in review

SALA allows for our local community to embrace the visual arts. One of the most common ways this happens is through non-conventional gallery spaces (such as cafés, bars and business foyers etc) opening up their venue for artists to exhibit in. The team at Verso loves this aspect of SALA, and have taken this as an opportunity to explore some new local venues and share their SALA exhibition with you!

This week, we braved the cold, winter-y weather to have lunch at Trouble and Strife, who are currently exhibiting Textile Warrior's show 'Aura' as a part of SALA 2017. 

After we parked and walked to Trouble and Strife, we noticed we were passing multiple SALA venues. The SALA sticker is everywhere along Goodwood Road! The exhibition we were there to see though, 'Aura', was considerately installed in the venue, with almost every table having an intimate view of one of Textile Warrior's works. It was encouraging to see many works already had a red dot by them. 

We also took this brief pause in our busy SALA schedule as an opportunity to look at the week that has passed and the new week looming over us. 

We launched our SALA feature month on Monday with our interview with SALA's Penny Griggs and Kate Moskwa - we loved doing this in depth interview with them, it was such a privilege - so this was definitely a highlight for us. 

We want to give a shout out to Art by Prisoners, an exhibition which features selected works from within Adelaide adult prisons - we're very excited about their project. This exhibition is held at the Festival Centre, so while you are there stop by and have a look at the work by their artist in residence Jane Skeer

As far as non-conventional gallery spaces go, we love how Adelaide Airport gets involved with SALA regularly. Oz Minerals Award Winner Mary Ann Santin's copper sculptural works 'Moments in Time' are on display here, as well as the work of eight other artists in 'island home', curated by Carollyn Kavanagh. This group, who are responding to our island nation, include Michael Chorney, Christina Gollan, Dana Kinter, Harry Koch, Peter MacDonald, Stephen Trebilcock, Laura Wills and Alice Blanch. We're yet to visit these two shows, which will run until September 19, however, we will have plenty of opportunities to make the trip as the airport is open at all hours (4am - 11pm daily!). 

Looking ahead in our SALA feature month schedule, we can't wait for the artist statements from Carclew's artists and curator in residence to be released on 10th of August and keep your eyes peeled for our vlog of our visit to McLaren Vale!


Artist: Textile Warrior
Exhibition Title: Aura
Venue: Trouble and Strife (123 Goodwood Road, Goodwood)
Dates: 1st - 31st August 2017 (Mon - Sun, 7:30am - 3pm)