Verso Vlogs SALA 2

As part of our coverage for SALA 2017, Verso is compiling a series of Vlogs. We hope these Vlogs will allow you to see a little more of SALA than you otherwise would. This Vlog features SALA exhibitions in the McLaren Vale region.


Verso visits:

Artists: Chris Beck, Lynette Brown, Jenny Gunson, Lili Haas, Trish Harding, Penny Henschke, Pam Kelly, Sue Lockton, Kaye Oliver, Hilary Bedson, Nolda Beynon, Deborah Cantrill, Gem Congdon, Lyn Coombe, June Faulkner, Alana Gregory, Judy Grey-Gardner, Laima Guscia, Pauline Hunter, Maxine Jones, Bron Lowe, Bev Manthey, Teresa Martin, Sylvia Piddington, Anne Quigley, Liz Regan, Joy Shierlaw, Julie Spry, L. Merea Tsatsaronis, Erica Walker, Pam White, Beth Wiley, Jenny Williams, Victoria Wilkins, Liz Yates
Exhibition Title: 'Entwined'
Dates: 28th July - 3rd September (Monday - Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday & Sunday 10am-4pm)
Venue: Stump Hill Gallery, McLaren Vale Visitors Centre, 796 Main Road, McLaren Vale

Artists: Anna Small, Warren Pickering, Belinda Berry
Exhibition Title: 'Fleurieu Arthouse'
Dates: 30th July - 10th September (Thursday - Monday 10:30am-5pm)
Venue: Fleurieu Arthouse, Hardy's Tintara 202 Main Rd McLaren Vale

Artists: Gail Kellett, John Lacey, Jeni Mumford, Brian O'Malley, Margie Sheppard, Suzie Riley, Katie Wyatt
Exhibition Title: '7 @ Penny's'
Dates: 28th July - August 31st (Monday - Sunday 10am-5pm)
Venue: Penny's Hill Winery, 281 Main Rd McLaren Vale

Artists: Ela Hardy, Gael Fraser, Diana Motteram, Kristen Jackman, Meg Burdett, Dale Bagshaw
Exhibition Title: 'Cross Road Works'
Dates: 1st August - 5th September ( Monday - Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday & Sunday 10:30-5pm)
Opening Event: 13th August, 10:30am-12pm
Venue: Hugo Wines, 246 Elliott Rd McLaren Flat

Artists: Jen Wright, Ian McGregor, Antonia Ditroia, Quenby Sinclair, Peter Sinclair
Exhibition Title: 'A Good Season'
Dates: 1st august - 17th September (Monday - Sunday 11am-5pm)
Venue: DogRidge Cellar Door & Gallery, 129 Bagshaws Rd McLaren Flat