Where are We Drinking... Week 3 of SALA in Review

SALA allows for our local community to embrace the visual arts. One of the most common ways this happens is through non-conventional gallery spaces (such as cafés, bars and business foyers etc) opening up their venue for artists to exhibit in. The team at Verso loves this aspect of SALA, and have taken this as an opportunity to explore some new local venues and share their SALA exhibition with you!

This past week we headed down to Port Adelaide and stopped by Red Lime Shack for a coffee, some vegan friendly lunch and of course to see their SALA exhibition, Port Adelaide's NatureArtist, Kym Murphy, takes photographs of flora and fauna from Port Adelaide and surrounding regions. We were pleased to have dropped into Red Lime Shack as we found multiple fliers about what was happening in the local community beyond SALA. 

This week, Verso has been focussed on engaging in a few of the events SALA has to offer. We attended the SALA Networking Drinks at The Propaganda Club, which offered a unique opportunity to meet with different professionals in the Visual Arts industry we may not have otherwise had access to (we also checked out 'Orthogonal Ruptures' by Tom Borgas whilst we were there). 

We caught the end of SALA's Forum Day, held at ACE Open, and were entertained by the Pecha Kucha Battle: Roy Ananda vs Monte Masi. Need we say any more? Simpsons references were flying, and a few Ikea instructional drawings thrown in for good measure. We also stayed on for Bridget Currie in conversation with Sera Waters. The discussion here shifted towards how to better fund the Arts in Australia. Some interesting points were raised, which were very relevant to what was mostly a room full of artists. The event was streamed by Channel 44. For those who missed this event, you might be able to catch up with it on SALA Festival's Facebook page (it was streamed live). 

As we prepare to enter into the fourth week of SALA, we are excited to share with you Alaska Young's article My Neon Guardian: Artist Vs Venuein which she looks at the relationship of one group of SALA artists and their venue, The Grace Emily Hotel. Cassie Thring answered our 10 questions for SALA this week and the result is a fantastic feel-good piece that perfectly illustrates how even the most unlikely of people come to put on wonderful SALA exhibitions. 

Artist: Kym Murphy
Exhibition Title: 'Port Adelaide's Nature'
Venue: Red Lime Shack (158 St Vincent Street, Port Adelaide)
Dates: 1st - 31st August (Mon - Fri 8am-3pm, Sat 9am-3pm)