Verso Vlogs SALA

As part of our coverage for SALA 2017, Verso is compiling a series of Vlogs. We hope these Vlogs will allow you to see a little more of SALA than you otherwise would. This Vlog features SALA exhibitions in the City of Unley area. 

Verso Visits:

Artist: Adelaide Camera Club
Exhibition Title: Adelaide Camera Club Presents...
Dates: 1st - 31st August 2017 (Tues - Fri, 10am - 4pm & 6-9pm, Sat & Sun 1-9pm)
Venue: Capri Theatre (141 Goodwood Road, Goodwood)

Artist: Emma Hack
Exhibition Title: Colour Lust
Dates: 19th of July - 30th August 2017 (Mon - Sat, 9:30am - 5pm, Sun 10am - 3pm)
Venue: Etienne (136 Unley Road, Unley)

Artist: Jules Abbott
Exhibition Title: Goose Island and The Murray
Dates: 1st - 31st August 2017 (Mon - Fri, 9:00am - 5:30pm, Sat 9am - 5pm, Sun 11am -5pm)
Venue: The Conservatory Garden and Home (80 Unley Road, Unley)

Artist: Marlene Kingdon
Exhibition Title: Savage Colour
Dates: 28th July  - 17th August 2017 (Mon - Fri, 10am - 6pm, Sat & Sun, 10am - 4pm)
Venue: Duthy Street Art Supplies Gallery  (6 Duthy Street, Unley)

Artist: Shelia Whittam
Exhibition Title: From the Melting Pot
Dates: 28th July - 26th August 2017 (Mon - Fri, 10am - 4pm, Sat 11am - 4pm)
Venue: Hughes Gallery (411 Fullarton Road, Fullarton)