Where are we drinking ... Week 2 of SALA in review

SALA allows for our local community to embrace the visual arts. One of the most common ways this happens is through non-conventional gallery spaces (such as cafés, bars and business foyers etc) opening up their venue for artists to exhibit in. The team at Verso loves this aspect of SALA, and have taken this as an opportunity to explore some new local venues and share their SALA exhibition with you!

This week we visited Base Camp Café to see their SALA exhibition 'A Variety of Friends'. This exciting show includes artists who work in a range of different media - and it's a SALA bonus that some of the artists are even present, working at the café over the weekends. Contributing artist Andrea Malone was also the recipient of SALA's The City of Unley Active Ageing Award for 2017.

We're halfway through SALA and we've never been busier! 

This past weekend was SALA's open studio weekend (12th - 13th August). You might have caught us lurking around The Boiler Room Studio - catch up on our 10 questions interview with some of the studio members from earlier in the week here.

Verso also attended SALA's Pecha Kucha event this week. If you missed it, you can find out more here. 

The SALA opening events never stop - we've also made it out to Floating Goose Studios ('Soft Bindings') and Black Diamond Tattoo (Dark Light) for their openings. 

This past week we've also been excited about 'The Drawing Exchange' happening at Adelaide Central School of Art. This event brings together 22 artists from around Australia to produce new works drawn directly onto the walls of Adelaide Central School of Art and the National Art School in Sydney.

Looking ahead in our SALA feature month schedule, we can't wait to share our interview with Julia Robinson (2016 The Advertiser Contemporary Art Prize winner). We're also holding out for Melanie Cooper's review of 'Soft Spot, Hard Feelings' at Holy Rollers Studios

Artists: Catherine Fitz-Gerald, Andrea Malone, Renee Sage, Ursula Kiessling, Lyndy Danby, Filipa Cook, Joseph Ninio
Exhibition Title: 'A Variety of Friends'
Venue: Base Camp Café
Dates: 28th July - 31st August
Special Event: Artist in Session, Saturdays and Sundays 12 - 3pm